All about Ranked TDM in Uncharted 4 Multiplayer
 May 11, 2016

All about Ranked TDM in Uncharted 4 Multiplayer

Full details on how the Ranked Team Deathmatch system in Uncharted 4 Multiplayer works.

Uncharted 4 MP – Ranked TDM Deep Dive

Today we wanted to share all the details about how our new Ranked Team Deathmatch mode works.

Goals – Competition and Balance

We want Ranked TDM to be the most competitive and balanced way to play Uncharted 4 Multiplayer. We’ve done a lot of work on the ranking system to ensure it accurately reflects players’ skill. Ranked TDM is also the only mode where one-use-boosters are not used, which ensures all players enter the match with the same benefits.

We’ll also be listening to feedback from the community and making adjustments as the game progresses. We’re interested in hearing from you!

Starting out – Placement Matches

When you first enter Ranked TDM you’ll have to play 5 placement matches to determine your initial rank:

Once you’ve completed your placement matches you’ll be placed in a Rank based on your performance. There are a total of 5 Ranks (Bronze / Silver / Gold / Platinum / Diamond) with 3 tiers in each Rank.

Earning Rank Points

Once you’ve been placed in a rank you can now start earning Rank Points. If you win a match, you’ll earn points. If you lose a match, you’ll lose points. The amount you earn will be based off your overall performance rating compared to the average rating in your Rank (players who have a higher rating than their current Rank will earn more points) and whether your team or the enemy team is favored to win (teams that are not favored to win will earn more points. At the start of the match you can see which team is favored to win.

Ranking Up

Once you’ve earned 100 Rank Points you’ll move into a series of qualifier matches that will decide whether you’ll make the leap to the next rank:

The number of qualifying matches required depends on the rank. Moving up within a Rank (e.g. from Gold II to Gold I) requires winning two out of three matches. Moving up to a new Rank (e.g. from Gold I to Platinum III) requires winning three out of five matches. If you pass the qualifiers you’ll rank up:

If you don’t win enough matches to qualify for the next rank you’ll lose some Rank Points, but not all of them. You’ll be in a good position to earn your way back into the qualifiers again soon.

Ranking Down

If you have the misfortune of getting down to 0 Rank Points don’t freak out just yet. You can be at 0 and lose a few matches without losing rank right away. It’s an opportunity to turn things around and start your comeback.

Upcoming Changes

One feature we expect to be adding to Ranked is the concept of seasons, where every x months (on a time interval to be determined) the rankings are reset and players can start a new progression. This gives players a chance to kickstart their progression by working to start out at a higher initial ranking, and also clears out rankings from players who may no longer be playing.

There are some other changes we’re considering and as noted we’ll also be listening to feedback from the community and making adjustments to ensure that Ranked TDM is our most competitive and balanced mode.