Celebrating The Last of Us Day 2021
 September 26, 2021

Celebrating The Last of Us Day 2021

A special TLOU Day community update

Hi all,

When the team sat down to discuss what we’d be doing for The Last of Us Day this year, the thoughts were along the lines of, “It’s been a year already?!” After that initial shock, the immediate want was to sit down and address you, our community, directly.

Years ago, the love and diversity that The Last of Us showcased caught my attention as a fan and re-shaped the lens with which I viewed gaming. For the first time, I could see myself reflected in characters that weren’t tokenized, marginalized, or tossed in as an afterthought. As Joel and Ellie’s story unfolded, there were tears on my end; yes, the narrative is gorgeous and heart wrenching, but there’s also something deeply moving and validating about finally seeing meaningful representation in this medium. I know I’m not alone in that sentiment. If I’m being honest, I think that’s why this franchise is loved so fiercely among you, our community; there's a little bit of all us parsed out in The Last of Us. It’s special and something we hold with great care; we at the studio are all humbled by that trust and love.

In June of 2020 we expanded the world of The Last of Us with a new storyline, a project that was years in the making. The Last of Us Part II is now the most awarded game of all time -- an accomplishment of which we are continually proud and understand is due in large part to the incredible fan base we have. We are continually in awe of the support you provide and please know that our team reads the fan letters, marvels over the art you make, and is moved by the heart you all bring to re-creating a slice of The Last of Us in your own world.

The Last of Us Day is also a chance to thank our incredible team inside the studio who trusted the vision and heart of this franchise and saw it through to fruition - you’re the best and the ripple effect of your efforts are leaving lasting marks around the world.

“Yeah, that’s lovely and great Naughty Dog, but what are you doing with The Last of Us right now?”

In short, we’re working on it
- we see the community comments as many of you clamor for multiplayer and want updates. For now, we’ll say that we love what the team is developing and want to give them time to build out their ambitious project, we’ll reveal more when it’s ready! To that end, we’ve been busy growing our team inside the kennel since The Last of Us Part II launched and are currently in full swing of hiring for MP-related positions (hint hint), so if you or somebody you know qualifies for anything you see on our jobs page, apply!

In the meantime, another The Last of Us Day comes to a close. We hope you’ve had as much fun with us today as we have putting it together and we will be watching closely for all the epic photos, art and stories you send our way.

In appreciation,

Rochelle & Naughty Dog