Naughty Dog at SIGGRAPH Asia 2020
 August 5, 2021

Naughty Dog at SIGGRAPH Asia 2020

Read more about real-time cinematics in The Last of Us Part II in this in-depth presentation by Naughty Dog game developers Mari Wang, Lead Cinematic Lighter, and Abhishek Arora, Graphics Programmer.

Advances in Real-time Cinematics in The Last of Us Part II

Mari Wang - Lead Cinematic Lighter

Abhishek Arora - Graphics Programmer

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Check out Mari Wang and Abhishek Arora’s presentation about how they optimize runtime light in shadows, hair, and skin in The Last of Us Part II’s real-time cinematics while balancing significant elements such as depth of field. They also will take a deep dive into how to analyze and resolve issues in this unique medium and their insights into the intricacies of this post-process effect.

When working with real-time cinematics, lighting artists and programmers often need to collaborate to develop creative solutions. They need to evaluate the “cost” of each shot and determine if it meets the highest quality that may be achieved, adjusting several features to achieve a good balance. This is especially significant when making changes in the later stages of game development, as game developers must make calculated fixes, especially on the programming side.