Photo Mode Collection: Breathtaking Environments
 August 24, 2023

Photo Mode Collection: Breathtaking Environments

A community album honoring 10 years of environmental storytelling in The Last of Us

In your time playing The Last of Us over the past 10 years, it has meant so much to our studio to hear how impactful your experiences have been, whether it was the tension of sneaking by Infected, the sense of wonder while exploring the abandoned buildings of downtown Boston, and so much more. To continue our 10th anniversary celebration of TLOU, we asked you to immerse yourselves once more in the diverse landscapes of Part I and Part II with a Photo Mode challenge highlighting environments. We were so impressed by your ability to masterfully capture the distinct terrains and cityscapes, and you all proved that the world of The Last of Us can be as beautiful as it is terrifying.

For this Photo Mode challenge, you wowed us with your snapshots of a lush, overgrown Seattle, wide, expansive views of Jackson, and beyond. We selected 16 images that exemplify the meticulous detail and beauty of The Last of Us, and your impressive talents in capturing them via Photo Mode. Below is a compilation of just some of the many incredible submissions that took our breath away.

The featured submissions above were shared by: @amich_vp. @DCTLOUVP, @EagleTWB2, @erdturo, @Gamography_, @mayursurvival, @nalauravp, @Oos10_, @Photoingame, @sicparvismagnap, @sorathluna, @Tanfoi, @UkkoVP, @VPPops, @wistfulembrace, and @pointandgriff.

The world of The Last of Us is so near and dear to us, and we absolutely love to see your unique artistic perspectives give the series new life through Photo Mode. It was so fun to see you highlight the subtleties of locations and the stories they hold throughout the world; we put so much thought and detail into our games, and it’s such an honor to see you hone-in on those very details in your photos.

You all delighted us with your submissions once again, and we’re so grateful for your consistent, loyal support for The Last of Us and our community Photo Mode challenges. We’re going to continue our 10-year celebration of The Last of Us, so stay tuned for more information on how to participate in our next Photo Mode challenge. If you haven’t seen one of your submissions featured yet, don’t be discouraged! There will be more opportunities to share soon. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram to stay in the loop regarding our next themed challenge. Or, if you want to see more of the incredible Photo Mode shots done by our community members, check out our Photo Mode blog celebrating 10 years of The Last of Us and our Photo Mode blog highlighting the iconic characters of TLOU.

If this look back at the world of The Last of Us has struck a nostalgic chord in you, The Last of Us Part I is available now on PlayStation 5 and on PC via Steam or Epic Games Store. And, The Last of Us Part II is available on PlayStation 4.

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