“The Lab” – July 2010 Schedule
 July 2, 2010

“The Lab” – July 2010 Schedule

With June – and the first month of “The Lab” behind us – we can now reveal what to look forward to in “The Lab” for the month of July.

First of all, thank you to everyone who have logged into UNCHARTED 2 multiplayer and played “The Lab” for the past three sessions so far. Because we’re on a bi-weekly schedule, July loses out and only gets two sessions of “The Lab” which will continue until October, when we have three weekends that fall within our scheduling plan. Here’s a quick refresher on what “The Lab” series is if you’re new (or have forgotten)… We’ll also be hosting a new thread for every event on the Naughty Dog community forums to get your feedback and thoughts on each one of our “The Lab” events. And now the schedule for July: July 9 – 12 Plunder Pistols Only Plunder. But with Pistols only, no rifles, no power weapons. This should even the odds between the treasure bearer and his assailants as all will be equipped with the relative high-rate of fire and excellent accuracy of the 92FS pistol. This will be a good playlist to hit up if you are still looking to get your Protectorate medal. July 23 – 26 Grenades Only Boom.