The Last of Us Day 2023
 September 26, 2023

The Last of Us Day 2023

Celebrating 10 Years of The Last of Us and its Incredible Community

It is an incredible honor for us here at Naughty Dog to celebrate the 10th annual The Last of Us Day with all of you this year! As we’ve been celebrating The Last of Us’ 10th anniversary throughout the year, this annual tradition is always an inspiring moment to celebrate the wonderful support you, the fans, have shown our team and this series since it first began in 2013.

Whether you’re celebrating TLOU Day with us for the first or tenth time, we see September 26 - the date in which the cordyceps virus catalyzed the events of The Last of Us, also known as “Outbreak Day” - as an opportunity to honor your enthusiasm for this series that you share with one another, celebrate the incredible work of our teams here at the studio, and particularly in the 10th anniversary year of The Last of Us, highlight the legacy of this franchise. While we will not be making announcements regarding any future projects, we wanted to highlight some of the new and ongoing ways we’re celebrating this franchise with you and showing our appreciation for the passion, joy, and support you have shown us these last 10 years. We kicked things off this morning with a livestream – you can watch a VOD of the stream below or read on for a full recap of all the ways we’re celebrating.

Troy Baker Concert

The Last of Us games’ very own Joel, Troy Baker, performed a special concert in 2022 for a group of fans in Seattle, Washington. Baker’s beautiful set included a series of songs integral to The Last of Us that fans will surely recognize. While the concert was previously only enjoyed by those in attendance, we’re overjoyed to share his moving performance with all of you to celebrate The Last of Us Day. You can watch the concert on the livestream VOD!

Pearl Jam x The Last of Us T-Shirt

As players of The Last of Us Part II will know, Pearl Jam plays a pivotal emotional role in Joel’s story, so we’re honored Pearl Jam asked Naughty Dog to collaborate for the band’s yearly Halloween shirt. Fans can now order a The Last of Us-themed Pearl Jam T-shirt, featuring some awesome Clicker concept art, on the Pearl Jam website. But act fast, because it’s only available to order through September 29. See Pearl Jam’s website for more information.

The Last of Us Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios

For weeks now, fans have been stepping into the world of The Last of Us as part of Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights. Immersing fans in an incredible haunted house experience inspired by the Pittsburgh section of The Last of Us, we are grateful to have heard how many of you have enjoyed – and been terrified by – this unique collaboration. Featuring newly recorded dialogue by Joel and Ellie actors Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson, we worked closely with our partners at Universal Studios to deliver an authentic The Last of Us journey. There’s still time to attend! Halloween Horror Nights runs select nights through October 31 at Universal Studios Hollywood, and November 4 at Universal Orlando Resort.

Gallery Nucleus Showcase

Earlier this month, Gallery Nucleus kicked off a special showcase celebrating the 10th anniversary of The Last of Us, spotlighting a host of new pieces inspired by the series from a talented mix of artists offering their unique takes on the franchise. Naughty Dog had the opportunity to visit the gallery to check out all the beautiful art, meet with fans, sign pieces available at the showing, and more. You can see photos from the event below, and if you’d like to own some of the stunning art pieces for yourself, you can order prints on the Gallery Nucleus website.

Fangamer The Last of Us Posters

We’ve partnered with Fangamer to create a duology of The Last of Us artwork from artist Greg Ruth! This poster set consists of two pieces of art: one featuring Ellie in The Last of Us Part I, and the other depicting Ellie from The Last of Us on HBO, which debuted earlier this year. We’re thrilled to honor both The Last of Us games and their HBO adaptation in this set, and preorders are open now through October 10, 11:59 PM PDT. The pieces are expected to ship early 2024.

Community Photo Mode Challenge – Infected

We’ve been hosting monthly Photo Mode competitions since The Last of Us’ 10th anniversary in June, and we capped off this miniseries by tasking fans to submit Photo Mode shots centered around The Last of Us’ Infected. Our fandom continuously blows us away with their impeccable Photo Mode skills, and as always, it was so difficult to narrow down to a small list of favorites. We want to offer a massive thank you to all the fans who have participated in these challenges over the last few months, and you can see the full community photo album of our picks here.

PlayStation Gear Store Merch Drop

New The Last of Us merch dropped on the PlayStation Gear Store today, including a replica of Ellie’s backpack, key art poster, new apparel and accessories, and more!*

And, you can use code TLOUDAY23 for a 20% discount on select TLOU merch from 9/26 – 10/3!

*Replica of Ellie’s backpack, key art poster, and some apparel and accessories are available for preorder. Expected to ship Fall 2023.

10th Anniversary Wallpapers

Lastly, we put together wallpaper versions of the 10th anniversary celebratory graphic in a variety of sizes that are free to download! You can find them on our community hub page.

Phew. What a day it’s been! We are so honored to celebrate The Last of Us Day with all of you, particularly as we honor 10 years of this franchise. Thank you for the last decade you’ve spent playing, showing your admiration for, and talking about these games. These stories mean so much to our studio, and we know in turn how much they mean to you. We hope you enjoyed this year’s The Last of Us Day celebrations, and thank you again for the last 10 years; they’ve been truly special.