Week 4: The Last of Us Photo Mode Event
 October 18, 2021

Week 4: The Last of Us Photo Mode Event

This week's theme: flourish with "Nature Prevails"!

Contrary to the theme of "Rage," your submissions for Week 3's #TLOUPhotoMode event brought us so much joy -- we're blown away by all the incredible talent, passion, and camaraderie from the Photo Mode community on Twitter! Thank you so much to Week 3's contributor @Photoingame and to all who submitted your most fury-filled captures!

From now until October 29th, we'll be hosting a Twitter Photo Mode event. Read towards the end of this post for all the information on how to participate.

For Week 4, we have a special theme that's, shall we say, evergreen!

Week 4 Theme: Nature Prevails

Theme & shots by @eveygamephoto

This week's theme -- Nature Prevails -- is an opportunity to highlight the lush environments of the world of The Last of Us. Whether it's urban skyscrapers or countryside trails, survivors must navigate worn and collapsing locales swathed in dense, resilient foliage and flora.

Share the scenery that resonates with you, whether you want to capture the overgrown interior ruins of a Seattle office building, the abandoned villas of Santa Barbara, or the lush foliage of a once-manicured suburb. This week, Nature Prevails, and it's front and center!

Thank you to @eveygamephoto for providing this week's special theme and providing the awesome inspiration shots below!

Ready to return to nature and get scenic? Here's what you can expect:

  1. We'll post a new theme every Monday featuring a theme and image by an incredible Photo Mode account
  2. Tag your theme-appropriate posts with #TLOUPhotoMode + @Naughty_Dog to make sure we can see your incredible talent and work*
  3. All week long, we'll retweet and share some of our favorites on both Twitter and the Naughty Dog blog
  4. We'll announce new themes at the top of the week so definitely keep an eye out on Mondays on our Twitter and the Naughty Dog blog for the latest weekly theme

Don't forget the tags -- #TLOUPhotoMode + @Naughty_Dog! That's how we can best find you :)

*By tagging your screenshots with #TLOUPhotoMode and @NaughtyDog by 12 PM PST on October 22, 2021, you give SIE permission to share your content on SIE websites and social media channels. Posts must not contain personal information or content that is defamatory, harmful, offensive or otherwise violates the rights or interests of SIE or third parties